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OKAMURA Ergonomic Chairs


OKAMURA CP Comfortable Seating Features:
1. Synchro-Reclining Mechanism

You can use the lever on the lower left to either set the recliner to move freely with your body motion or lock it at your favorite angle to a maximum of 23°.

2. Seat Height Adjustment
You can use the lever on the lower right to adjust the seat height up to 130mm.

3. Reclining Position Lock
OKAMURA CP’s unique ankle tilt reclining mechanism naturally follows bodily movement even while working at a computer.

4. Title Tension Adjustment
You can use the tension dial positioned underneath within easy reach of the right hand to finely tune reclining tension to your favorite setting.

5. Seat Depth Adjustment
Levers within easy reach of hands enables you to easily slide the seat backward and forward up to 50mm.

6. Automatic Lumbar Support
Featuring a stylish half-transparent design, the lumbar support comfortably conforms to your physique and provides back support.
You can adjust the height of the lumbar support up to 50mm.

7. Armrests Height Adjustment
You can easily adjust the position of the ratchet style armrests up or down to a maximum 100mm.

8. Armrests Angle Adjustment
You can adjust the arm pads in 30° increments up to 90° (two inward settings and one outer setting) to give you comfortable elbow support when using a computer or doing other tasks.

9. Fixed Headrest
A wide headrest gently supports the back of the head.

10. Adjustable Headrest
For the moveable headrest, height and angles can be adjusted.

11. Hard or Soft Casters
Hard casters for carpet or Soft polyurethane casters for hard flooring.

12. Aluminum Frame with Breathable Mesh
Standard mesh chairs with moderate resiliency that firmly support your body.
The exceptional breathability provides comfort even after long hours of sitting.

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